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University of New Hampshire Chapter of the American Association of University Professors seeks to strengthen faculty governance, provide fair procedures for resolving grievances, promote the economic well-being of the faculty, and safeguard academic freedom. AAUP-UNH is a collective bargaining chapter, and membership is open to all full-time tenure-track faculty.


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Do you have questions about the faculty union?

Collective bargaining questions, contact: 

Chris Balling (Physics) 
Contract Administrator
Email: lballing@unh.edu


Academic freedom or shared governance, contact:

Deanna Wood (Library)
Chapter President
Phone: 862-4319
Email: ddw@unh.edu

Contract negotiations, contact: 

Dale Barkey (Chemical Engineering)
Contract Negotiator
Phone: 862-1918
Email: dpb@unh.edu

Grievances, contact:

Deanna Wood (Library)
Phone: 862-4319
Email: ddw@unh.edu 


Lori Dobbins (Music)
Phone: 862-3252
Email: lori.dobbins@unh.edu


Other questions? Please contact our communications coordinator: 

Peter Welch (AAUP-UNH)
Phone: 862-2577
Email: peter.welch@unh.edu 

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Deanna Wood Chapter President

Deanna Wood
Chapter President

Tamsin Whitehead Chapter Coordinator

Tamsin Whitehead Chapter Coordinator

Peter Welch Communication Coordinator  

Peter Welch
Communication Coordinator